The port city of Shanghai is the largest city in China and has a total of more than 23 million inhabitants. The city, which consists of two parts separated by the Huangpu River, has long been an important trading and industrial city for China.

The climate in Shanghai is usually very hot and dry. The warmest in July-August with about 35 degrees celsius in average temperature. We recommend going here in early summer, May-June, when the temperature in the city is more comfortable and the risk of rain is less than in spring and autumn.

Tourist attractions in the city

Shanghai is an impressive city in many ways. You can find everything here! If you like shopping, we recommend that you go to Nanjing Road. The 6-kilometer-long shopping street is full of shops, resturants and visitors.

In central Shanghai you will find the huge People's Square, a large square where millions of people gather daily to socialize. The square has a large park that is ideal for a picnic or a lovely walk. All around the park, there are plenty of foodstadds that sell food that is easy to take with you and eat out in nature.

The Bund district is filled with magnificent houses from the turn of the last century, beautifully lined up along the river. On the other side of the river you see a fantastic skyline with the huge skyscrapers of Padong. In Padong you can enjoy the view from the world's second tallest building, Shanghai Tower (632 meters). In the oldest part of the city, Yuyuan, there are many historic buildings and temples but also the famous Chinese garden, Yuyuan Garden from the 16th century.

Food and drinks in Shanghai

Chinese cuisine is generally very sweet and fatty. The difference in the food here compared to what you get in a Chinese restaurant at home is large and has a completely different type of taste than you might be used to. The food is always served with chopsticks, but you can of course ask for cutlery. The staff at the restaurants are extremely service-oriented, almost over the top, and you can clearly see that they are very proud of what they do.

Shanghai has a rich tea culture. In China, tea is much more than just a drink and to truly experience Chinese culture, you must visit a tea house during a visit. Book a classic tea ceremony at one of the city's all tea houses. The city's most famous tea house is called Huxingting and is well worth a visit.

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