Melbourne is a city in southeastern Australia. The port city is Australia's second largest with about 4.5 million inhabitants. The city has often been called "the world's most habitable city", which fits in well with the homely and relaxed city.

Melbourne has a very diverse climate and the weather changes are many. The warmest period is between December-February when it can sometimes be extremely hot as winds pull down from the desert in the northwest.

Attractions in the city

Melbourne is a fantastic city to just stroll around in. The streets are filled with street art, statues, parks and beautiful views. Take a walk on the Southbank Promenade that runs along the Yarra River. A cozy promenade on the south side of the river.

Federation Square, in the heart of the city, is a unique square with futuristic and abstract buildings like no other you have seen before. There are art galleries, restaurants, cafes and rooftop bars. There is life and movement on the streets and artists and street artists of all kinds are crowded here.

Melbourne Zoo, is a modern zoo despite its 100 years on its neck. Incredibly well-kept park that has a large project to save endangered animals. See kangaroos, koalas and other domestic animals, side by side with animals from around the world.

Food and drinks in Melbourne

The food in Australia has many influences from British cuisine, but has a larger grill culture. As in many other hot countries, you often cook food outdoors, so then the grill comes in handy. Lamb, sausage or fish are usually grilled, but steaks of kangaroo and emu are also common.

One of the things you may encounter in a menu when visiting the country is Vegemite. This brown spreadable mass is similar at first glance nutella, but is something completely different in taste. Very special in taste and not so often appreciated by tourists as it is done by Australians, who always have this on the breakfast table.

Sport live!

Tennis is a major sport in Australia and in Melbourne the Australian Open is held at Melbourne Park, as one of the four competitions played in the international Grand Slam tournament every year. This is a real folk festival. For two weeks in January, the competition is visited by over half a million spectators.

Another major sporting event to visit in the city is the Australian Grand Prix. It is the opening race of the Formula 1 World Championship every year and is run at Albert Park in central Melbourne.

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