Off the north-west coast of England is Liverpool. The city has England's second largest export port but is for most people much better known for its two football teams Liverpool FC and Everton FC.

Since the 90s, Liverpool has undergone a transformation when the city began to rebuild most of the city center. Today, the city's new costume has grown and is a very nice destination.

The popular band "The Beatles" was founded here and for those interested, there are plenty of things to visit. Otherwise, it is football that attracts crowds of tourists to the two arenas Goodison Park and rebuilt Anfield.

Tourist attractions in Liverpool

Down by the harbor we find Albert Dock which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Liverpool. The area gives you an insight into how important shipping was for this city but also other tourist attractions such as the Mersey Side Maritime Museum and The Beatles Story can be found here.
Liverpool Cathedral is the world's largest Anglican cathedral and is located in the central parts.

Sports and football

The two football teams in the city, Liverpool FC and Everton FC, attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The two football stadiums, Anfield (Liverpool) and Goodison Park (Everton) are pleasant venues to visit. In fact, the distance between the two stadiums is just over 2 kilometers, which makes it convenient if you are interested in visiting both on the same day.


The Beatles are the band that put Liverpool on the music map worldwide. The music club The Cavern Club, where the band played up to 300 times before getting their big break, is a popular destination for those interested in music.
In the central parts of the city you will also find St George's Hall which is one of the larger concert halls. Liverpool Empire Theater is also a great option if you are looking for a musicals or concert.


The easiest way to get to Liverpool is by flight to Manchester. Direct flights depart from Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. From Manchester there are then trains every hour to Liverpool (travel time about 1 hour). Another option is to fly to London and then take the train to Liverpool (the train journey takes about 2 hours) It is also possible to fly to Liverpool but then expect a stopover and slightly higher fare compared to Manchester.

Good to know

During match weekends where Liverpool or Everton have a home match, prices for both flights and hotels will be higher than normal. Therefore, it is wise to book your trip well in advance to avoid higher prices than necessary.


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