Leverkusen is part of the metropolitan area Rheinschiene and has about 164,000 inhabitants. A well-known large industry that operates there is the chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer AG, they are a great symbol of the city and employ a large part of the city's inhabitants. Leverkusen is located east of the river Rhine and 15 kilometers north of the neighboring city of Cologne.

The nearest airport is 30 minutes north of the city center where Cologne-Bonn Airport is located, also known as Konrad Adenauer Flughafen.

Tourist attractions

The Bayer Cross is Bayer AG's logo and what makes this an attraction in the city is that it is mentioned as the world's largest light advertising sign with a diameter of 51 meters and it has shone over Leverkusen since 1958.

The Japanese garden in central Leverkusen is a very nice and peaceful garden with plants and trees in Japanese style. Relax and feel free to visit a beautiful Tea house during your stay in the garden!

If you want to take part of the city by bike, a short trip east to the art museum Morsbroich is recommended. In addition to the exhibition, the building is surrounded by a beautiful garden with, among other things, a fountain and the museum also has a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. A perfect attraction for the family!

If you want to visit a zoo, Wildpark Reuschenberg is recommended. A popular and well-kept park with everything from birds to goats. In addition to this, there is also a large outdoor playground!

The food

Nikii's Steakhouse is an acclaimed restaurant in the center that offers grilled food at its best in a modern and fresh setting.

A central option is Restaurant Brings, with a German-style food menu and a popular wine list. Has a popular outdoor seating and good service from the staff!

If you want to take part in a little more German food culture, Zum Claashaeuschen, on the outskirts of Leverkusen, is recommended. Lunches, dinner or brunch, they solve the steak! A large restaurant with different rooms that offers variety and a good dining experience.

Visit Leverkusen - The Sports City!

The city usually markets itself a bit modestly as "die Sportstadt". Some believe that they have evidence for this. Strong in athletics, basketball and handball with German championship titles that are proven for this.

TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen is the largest association with a number of different sections at elite level. The most famous section is probably the football team Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Seeing them live at Bay Arena is an extraordinary experience with a massive crowd pressure on the compact arena!

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