Krakow is located in southern Poland and is the country's second largest city. From the Middle Ages until 1596, the city was the country's capital, when the then king moved the capital to Warsaw. Krakow is an incredibly beautiful city with a lot to see and do in during a stay there.

Attractions to see

Krakow is known as the "city of churches", and you understand why when you come here. You can see churches in every other neighborhood. Krakow is an old city with a solid history. In the city center is the old town, Stare Miasto, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the middle of the old town is the large square Rynek Glowny where, among other things, a well-attended Christmas market is organized every year.

On Wawel Hill is the royal castle Wawel Castle. An important place in the history of Krakow. Guided tours are organized here, including a tour of both the castle and the cathedral with the famous Sigismund bell from the 16th century. You can also visit royal tombs and walk around the castle courtyard.

Kazimierz is the name of Krakow's Jewish quarter and the Jewish population has lived here for over 500 years. You should come here if you want to experience Krakow's Jewish culture and history. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, genuine and quaint bars, museums and synagogues. From the old town to Kazimierz it takes about 10-15 minutes to walk.

About 60 kilometers west of Krakow is the city of Oswiecim, better known by the German name Auschwitz. A place with a horrific history that leaves no one indifferent. It is possible to book day trips there which include a round trip bus from Krakow, and a guided tour of the concentration camp. In total, it takes about 7 hours and costs about 150 zlotys (33 Euro). Packed lunches can be ordered at an additional cost.

Food to experience in Krakow

Polish food is often associated with rustic dishes containing meat or chicken with potatoes, cabbage or mushrooms. One dish that originates here is the national dish Pierogi, Poland's version of dumping. These can have a variety of fillings but the most common is meat or sauerkraut. Also do not miss to try Barszcz, the beetroot soup with dumplings which is a classic feature on the Polish Christmas table.

To find authentic Polish home cooking, keep an eye out for the classic milk bars, Bar Mleczny, which serve really reasonably priced Polish dishes.

Sport live!

Krakow's largest football club Wisla Kraków plays in Poland's highest division Ekstraklasa. With as many as 13 Polish championship wins, they are among the top clubs in Polish football. The city's other club MKS Cracovia also plays them in the top league but has not achieved any major successes.

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