Islay is a popular island to visit, located in the Inner Hebrides and belonging to Scotland. The area stretches 619 km2 and on the island live about 3500 inhabitants. The capital is Bowmore and what has made the island most famous is its great connection to the drink Whiskey.

Enjoy whiskey and fantastic nature!

Whiskey tastes best on site in Scotland and a trip to Islay really gives you a smorgasbord of distilleries to choose from. Stay in one of the charming hotels in Bowmore or Port Charlotte and enjoy nature and visit the various distilleries on the charming island!

Islay has a total of 8 different distilleries operating on the island, producing Malt Whiskey. On the south coast are Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig. On the east coast there is Caol Ila and in the central / western part of the island you have the opportunity to visit Bowmore, Bunnahabhain, Bruichladdich and Kilchoman. In addition to Malt Whiskey, Blended Whiskey is also produced by James McEwan (Master Distiller) for the Bruichladdich distillery located in the middle of Islay.

If you not only have your sights on Whiskey during your visit to Islay, the beautiful nature of the island is also recommended, but also a lot of different sights and places to visit. Head to Loch Finlaggan and enjoy nature and the imprints of history!

Another tip for those interested in history is to also visit Dunnyvaig's castle ruins, which were a stronghold of the powerful Scottish clan MacDonalds in the 16th century.

The food at Islay

Expect classic British food on the Scottish island, but also plenty of seafood. If you visit the beautiful coastal towns of Port Charlotte or Bowmore, then book a table at either Port Charlotte Hotel Restaurant or Bowmore Hotel Restaurant, both of which are also highly recommended to choose as accommodation during a stay at Islay.

Run along the coast during the Islay Marathon

Why not take the opportunity to move around a bit after enjoying food and drink during your visit? Every autumn, a half marathon is arranged along the coast of Islay. Enjoy the island's fantastic surroundings, at the pace that suits you!

Tips before the trip

There are several different opportunities to get to Islay. You can take regular flights from Glasgow, Oban and Colonsay, on to Islay. Islays Airport is located between the towns of Bowmore and Port Ellen.

The most common option is to take a ferry from Kennacraig, which is located on the Kintyre Peninsula. The ferry runs a couple of times a day, the journey takes about two hours and then docks at either Port Askaig on Islay's east coast or Port Ellen on the island's southeast coast.

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