The city of Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates in the northern part of the country about 100 km northeast of the capital Abu Dhabi. The city is, in terms of population, by far the largest city in the country. Here, a desert climate prevails, with extremely hot summers, around 40 degrees in average temperature, and warm winters with about 25 degrees. There is very little rainfall all year round, which means that the landscape has very little vegetation. The best time to travel here is between November and March.

See and do

Dubai is truly a city with high ambitions. The constant effort to stand out has made some of the world's most spectacular buildings to be found here. Among these is the 828 meter high Burj Khalifa which is the world's tallest building and is a popular tourist attraction. At an altitude of 555 meters, there is a viewing platform that gives you a fantastic view of the city.

The city can also brag about having the world's tallest fountain, the Dubai Fountain, which pushes the water 150 meters up in the air. Every day when the sun has gone down, the bright and colorful fountain show starts which lasts for about 10 minutes and is then repeated once every half hour. The fountain is located in front of the world's largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall. Here you will find more than 1,200 shops, cinemas, restaurants and an ice rink. A tip, if you want to go to Dubai for the fantastic shopping, is to go here in January, when the annual sale takes place. Then most stores have a 30-40% discount.

A fun activity for both big and small is to go on a desert safari. These can be booked from most hotels. Four-wheel drive cars take you out into the desert and give you, among other things the opportunity to ”snowboard” on the dunes, experience the mighty environment and the special desert air. The day is rounded off when darkness has fallen with food and campfires under the stars.


As in all major cities, you can find food from all corners of the world here. But we want to strike a blow for the local cuisine. It is a big part of discovering a new place to take part in the food culture and feel the local ingredients in their proper element.

The local cuisine often consists of meat, fish or seafood and often with rice. Spices that are widely used are saffron, turmeric, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Shawarma is a common dish that you can find in most street stalls. The dish is similar to kebabs with shredded meat that is grilled in pieces and served in bread with fresh vegetables and yogurt sauce. The meat has a clear taste of allspice and vinegar.

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