Budapest is an excellent destination for those interested in culture, sports or nightlife. In addition, the holiday does not have to be very expensive as pretty much everything is significantly cheaper than in the Nordics. The city is divided into two parts, Buda and Pest, which are located on either side of the river Danube.

The Buda side is a bit calmer and here you will find several interesting buildings. The plague side is more popular with tourists and here you will find the largest selection of food, drink and entertainment.

At night, the big metropolis is transformed into a party town that has a good selection of nightclubs, bars and restaurants that are open late into the night.
In Budapest you will also find well-preserved culture and architecture from different parts of the world.

Tourist attractions

Budapest is full of sights, some of which you will find close to the central part of the Buda side. Here are also the popular thermal baths that both the indigenous people and tourists visit for a hot bath in stately buildings.

The Hungarian Parliament is hard to miss and well worth a visit. For those interested in art, the centrally located "Hjältarnas Torg", or "A Hösök tere", offers lots of beautiful buildings and statues. If you just want to get around the wide shopping streets, Kiralyút is a great place to visit.

Sports and Formula 1

Budapest's biggest football club is called Ferencvárosi TC. Their home arena is called Groupama Arena and was inaugurated in 2014. The arena is also the home ground of the Hungarian men's national team where most international matches are played. Otherwise, it is Formula 1 that is dominant for tourists interested in sports.

The Hungarian GP (Hungarian Grand Prix), which is run on the Hungaroring about 40 km outside the city, usually has its competitions in late summer. For those interested, we recommend that you pre-sell your F1 ticket well in advance so as not to risk being left without.


Throughout the year, lots of different festivals are arranged around Budapest. Everything from theater evenings to giant music events. "A sziget" is perhaps the largest in Europe and is usually held in mid-August. On the 20th of August every year, St. Stephen's Day is celebrated and lots of different performances take place in different parts of the city from early morning to late evening.

If you are interested in opera, ballet or symphonies, the Hungarian Opera is a good place to focus.


Budapest is relatively easily accessible and there are daily direct flights from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Some smaller resorts also offer direct flights. From the airport in Budapest "Ferihegy International Airport" you can easily take the bus or subway the approximately 25 kilometers to the city center. Another good alternative is to pre-book a car with a driver that is usually cheaper than a taxi.

Good to know

During the summer months, the temperature is usually very high in Budapest, so take the opportunity to book a hotel with Air conditioning to make the night's sleep comfortable.
Transportation in the city is both cheap and easy and it is usually best to buy a day pass that gives you free travel within any period. You should preferably avoid taxis if you do not have to as the risk of paying unnecessarily much is great.

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