Bremen is a city in northern Germany with a long history as it is more than 1200 years old. It is beautifully situated near the mouth of the river Weser and is a neighboring city to Hamburg, among other places.

Bremen has for a long time been known for its large shipbuilding industry and its port, it was heavily employed during World War II but has recovered well and is today important for the city's business, which is also strong in other industries such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

Tourist attractions

To take part in Bremen in a good way, start from the main square, Marktplatz. From the square there is the old town hall in Gothic style and the Roland statue that stands in front, both were named as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2004. Next to these are the beautiful cathedral, Bremer Dom.

If you want to move from the square, then take you to the district Schnoor which is characterized by its medieval feel with narrow streets and narrow streets, filled with shops and cafes.

One of the most famous sights in Bremen is the City Musicians, a bronze statue depicting a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster. All four are characters from the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale, where they embark on an adventure to Bremen in search of a better life.

Bremen is a very well-planned city that is easy to experience on foot, but for those who want to get there faster and see more during their stay, then choose to cycle through Bremen instead as it is one of the cities with the most bike paths in Germany.

The food and drinks in Bremen

Bremen is a large coffee town with old coffee houses such as Knigge and Sticker. The city is also has a long tradition of tea drinking. For the popular tea, feel free to head to the Schnoor district!

The food then? If you can imagine fish, a visit to Knurrhahn or Fischereihafen is recommended. If you are near the statue City Musicians at the Domshof square, feel free to try oysters and cava at the market near the quay.

In other respects, Bremen is also known for its falafel rolls but also for having a large selection of good hamburger restaurants, try for example Rock & Wurst, the Burgermeister Sail City Bremerhaven.

Experience sports live!

Werder Bremen is the football team that applies in this city! Feel free to take your time and plan a home match at the classic Weser Stadium when they meet one of their competitors in the German football league Bundesliga.

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