Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan located on the west coast of the Caspian Sea. It is home to almost 2 million people and is the country's largest city. We in Sweden perhaps recognize this city most for Eurovision, which was the host city when Loreen won Eurovision 2012 in this beautiful city, in addition to Eurovision, we recognize this city that hosts Formula 1 every year.

Here you will find most things, luxury, shiny glass skyscrapers and old Soviet-style homes, a city that is growing and changing is well the way you can describe Baku.

Attractions in Baku

Taza Market is a wonderful food market with the opportunity to buy spices, caviar, tea, dried fruit and much more.

If you want to take part in a little history, Maiden Tower is a medieval tower in the old town of Baku that you just must not miss!

Strolling around the old town is something we recommend, get lost in the multitude of bars, restaurants and shops in the wonderful environment.

In the city there are three elegant buildings, called Flame Towers, which do not go off for picks. These buildings light up Baku at night and change color during the nights.

Head to Fountain Square if you are both hungry for shopping and also hungry for food. This street with lots of restaurants and shops is a must visit.

Take a walk along Baku Boulevard

Strolling around Baku Boulevard is something we really recommend. Here you will find street musicians, a giant chessboard where you can play if you want, carousels and roller skaters. This is a perfect walk to spend some time on!

Experience F1 live on Baku City Circuit!

For those interested in motoring, we recommend that you take this course. We at GO Sport Travel offer you a complete experience with accommodation, transport and event tickets to this course, marvel at the architecture and the sound from the F1 cars is something we really recommend!

Baku F1


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