Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. The city is located in the northern and central part of Lake Zürisee and is surrounded by wooded mountains. An incredibly beautiful landscape with a lush greenery.

The best time to go here is during August and September when the temperature is around 25 degrees during the day and the risk of rain is less than during the previous summer months.

Attractions in the city

Zurich is a perfect destination for those who like architecture, history and art. Many of the sights in those areas are among the best in Europe.

In the city you can find a variety of museums and one of the most visited is the cultural history museum Swiss National Museum. Housed in a building from 1898, you will find exhibitions that go through antiquity, the Middle Ages and up to the present day.

Another interesting museum is the clock museum Uhrenmuseum Beye. The focus is on watchmaking art and the exhibitions show clocks from both Gothic and Renaissance periods. A real gem among museums and unique in its kind.

In the old town you can see the majestic church Grossmunster with its stately twin towers. The church was built in 820 in a beautiful Romanesque style with fine painted glass by the famous Russian artist Marc Chagall.

Food and drinks in Zurich

Swiss cuisine has many influences from both Italian and French cuisine, but also German. The really traditional Swiss dishes tend to be very simple, often containing potatoes or cheese. Rösti, is an example of that. A type of potato cake that is mainly served for breakfast but can also be ordered for lunch or dinner. A tip from us at GO Sport Travel if you want to try Swiss cuisine is to visit the Oepfelchammer restaurant in the Old Town. Excellent food and great service! The prices are good and they serve many vegetarian options.

Sports to experience!

Experience skiing in the apples! The area around Zurich is a popular destination for skiers from all over the world. The many ski resorts are visited by millions of tourists every year. Just an hour from the city center is Flumserberg, a cozy ski resort with something for everyone. Other nearby ski resorts are Beckenried, Engelberg and Oberiberg to name a few.

One of the most popular sports in Zurich is hockey. The club ZSC Lions plays in National League A, the highest division in Switzerland and has won the league nine times. In 2013, National A was Europe's most watched ice hockey league, in terms of the influx of spectators.

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