The Polish capital Warsaw and has been since 1596 when the royal family moved here from the former capital Kraków. The city's tough history has given the city a lot of character. There is a lot of history to take part in in the form of most landmarks and interesting museums.

Attractions to experience

Lazienki Park is located in the Ujazdów district and is Warsaw's largest park. A lovely large and lush park with lots to do. Take a walk around the picturesque lake in the middle of the park or have lunch at one of the many restaurants. Outdoor theaters and openings are often arranged here. During the summer, there is also an outdoor cinema in the park with free admission.

The Uprising Museum on Grzybowska 79 has a number of exhibitions showing how the people of Warsaw lived during World War II. A remarkable period in Polish history to say the least.

The Copernicus Science Center is a popular museum for both young and old and is open every day of the week. Here you get to learn how things work. There is so much to see and do here, so expect to spend a whole day here.

The Chopin Museum is one of Warsaw's most visited tourist attractions. The world-famous composer Frédéric Chopin was born here in 1810 and lived here until his move to Paris in 1830. Here you can witness his handwritten notes and notes and his last piano can be seen here.

The food culture in Warsaw

Polish cuisine has a lot to offer. Traditionally, you eat a hearty breakfast here with bread, sausages and eggs, among other things. Usually no lunch is eaten but it is usually a snack in the form of sandwiches and then dinner in the afternoon.

Pierogi is considered to be Poland's national law. It is a kind of dumplings and is available in many variations, including meat, cottage cheese, sauerkraut and buckwheat. Fruit fillings are also common and then they are served with whipped cream.

Zapiekanka, also known as "Polish Pizza" can be bought everywhere. Like a baguette divided in length with different toppings on. Simple fast food that is easy to consume when you are on the go.

Bigos is also one of Poland's most famous dishes, also called "Hunter´s stew". The dish contains meat, cabbage, sauerkraut, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes. Often served with rye bread or mashed potatoes.

Travel here

Warsaw Airport, Lotnisko Chopina, is 8 km outside the city center. From here you can get there by bus, train, commuter train or taxi. The cheapest way to travel by bus is only about 5 Zloty (about 1 EURO).

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