Sochi is a city in southern Russia, located by the Black Sea near the border of Georgia. The Winter Olympics were held here in 2014 and put the city on the world map. The city is a popular destination both in summer and in winter. The summers are warm and pleasant and on the beaches along the Black Sea there are many hotels, many of which are very luxurious. The average temperature in July and August is 30 degrees celcius and the risk of rain is low. Palm trees grow naturally in the area and give it an exotic expression.

In winter, visitors flock to the ski resorts of Krasnaya Poljana northeast of the city. With the Winter Olympics 2014, the facilities received a major facelift and major investments were made in the area.

Tourist attractions

Sochi has long been a popular summer getaway for Russian celebrities and politicians, many of whom have summer homes here. Russian summer homes are called Datja and can be anything from small simple cottages to luxury villas. President Vladimir Putin and former President Boris Yeltsin have their datjas here. You can also visit Josef Stalin's datja, which is now a museum.

In the Lazarevskoje area you can visit the Riviera Dolphinarium and there is also a large water park, Morskaya Zvezda Aqua Park which is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00. Perfect destinations if you are traveling with children.

The foodculture in Sochi

If you go to Sochi and want to eat something really Russian, there are some dishes to look out for. Borscht is a real classic in Russian cuisine. The beetroot and cabbage soup is available in different variations but is always served with Russian sour cream and dill. Blinis, Russian pancakes, are one of Russia's most popular dishes. The small pancakes can be served with different kinds of toppings, the most common are Russian caviar, sour cream and honey.

A famous dish that has also become a classic on our plates at home, is Beef Stroganof. The dish, which originates in Russia, includes thinly sliced ??beef fillet, sour cream, white wine and mushrooms. A classic street food dish in Russia is Pirozhk, pasties stuffed with potatoes, meat, cabbage or fish. The pirogues are also available with sweet fillings such as jam or chocolate.

Important to think about before departure

Remember that foreign tourists must apply for a visa to enter Russia! You do this at the Russian embassy in your home country before departure. A tip is to visit their website for more information.

Experience F1 in Sochi live!

One of the sub-competitions in the Formula 1 World Championship is the Russian Grand Prix and is run at the Sochi Autodrome in Sochi. The race has been run here since 2014.

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