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Monaco F1

Circuit de Monaco - Monte Carlo

Formula 1 - Live at the Circuit de Monaco!

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most mythical races in the F1 circus and has been part of the Formula 1 World Cup every year except for a few years in the early 1950s. The race that is run in the small principality on the French Riviera is also one of the most unique in the F1 circus as it is run entirely on public roads. This means narrow streets and difficult curves, which means that not many opportunities are given for overtaking.

As the Monaco Grand Prix is usually run at the end of May, it is almost guaranteed wonderful early summer weather with a pleasant temperature, perfect for a long weekend simply.

As early as 1929, the first Grand Prix race was run on the streets of Monte Carlos with the British William Grover-Williams as the winner behind the wheel of a Bugatti. During the Second World War and a couple of years after that, no race was run. It was not until 1948 that the Monaco Grand Prix returned and in 1950 also became part of the newly established World Championship in Formula 1. In the following years, however, the Monaco Grand Prix was not part of the F1 World Championships but returned to the program only until the 1955 season. has been a standing feature in the F1 calendar.

Ever since the start in 1929, the track, or Circuit de Monaco if you will, has largely had the same stretch, however, the number of curves and chicanes has varied. The original course contained only 14 curves, while the route used between 1986 and 2002 contained as many as 25 curves and chicanes.

Today's stretch, which began to be used in 2015, measures just over 3.3 km and contains 19 different curves and chicanes. The course record, which reads 1: 17,939, is from 2016 and was set by the British Lewis Hamilton. Most victories on the streets of Monte Carlo have the Brazilian Ayrton Senna who between the years 1987 and 1993 took home six victories here.

Experience fast cars after the crowded streets of Monte Carlo

If you are going to see an F1 race somewhere, it is without a doubt in Monaco. The frequent race where the cars fly forward on the narrow streets at over 250 km / h is something that every motor enthusiast and others for that matter should experience live. The fact that almost 40,000 spectators line the track does not make matters worse.

In addition to the Monaco Grand Prix, the French Riviera also offers a number of other gems such as Nice, Antibes and Cannes, all at a reasonable distance from Monte Carlo. The easiest thing if you want to experience the Monaco Grand Prix on site is to book a package tour through us at Go Sport Travel where everything is included, both travel and hotels as well as official F1 tickets!

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Monaco F1

Formula One
Circuit de Monaco - Monte Carlo

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