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Hanoi F1

Hanoi Motor Sport Circuit - Hanoi

Experience Formula 1 - Live at the Hanoi Motor Sport Circuit!

In the northern parts of Vietnam is the capital Hanoi, hosting the latest addition to the F1 calendar and it is also the first time the country gets to host a competition in the host's biggest motorsport! The race was planned to be held in 2020 but has been moved indefinitely for its premiere competition.

Hanoi Motor Sport Circuit is located in the western part of the city, near My Dinh National Stadium. Hanoi F1 is one of four city races in the F1 calendar, along with Monaco, Singapore and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The surprise is not great when it is to be mentioned that the course is designed by the German F1 legend Hermann Tilke, who has a hand in the creation of most of the competition courses in the World Championship! Hanoi Motor Sport Circuit is a city track with a length of 5.61 km and a competition where it is carried out over 55 laps. The circuit runs counterclockwise and was initially designed with 22 corners but after an evaluation of the drivers' safety they added a 23rd corner. A distinctive feature of the course is that it has one of the longest distances in the F1 calendar of 1.5 km.

The layout of the course is planned with several challenging turns and in the beginning you are met by a sharp left turn that makes a seat ticket at a Grandstand near this place a very good investment. Expect prestige and tight overtaking!

Visit Vietnam and the newcomer in the F1 Grand Prix

Head to Vietnam and experience the new addition to F1's competition calendar, the Hanoi Grand Prix! The capital Hanoi is known for its architecture and hectic streets. The culture is diverse here, with great elements from Southeast Asia, China and France.

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