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Barcelona F1

Circuit de Catalunya - Barcelona

Formel 1 live on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya!

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is Spain's absolute center for Formula One and it is also here that many F1 stables test their cars for the coming season. The Barcelona F1 course is very varied and challenging with both small and narrow curves as longer and more elongated. Of course, the track also contains a pair of straight stretches where it is possible to get up at really high speeds.

If you are in Barcelona or the surrounding area, the Spanish Grand Prix, which is run on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, is run in the spring (mid-May), of course the optimal destination if you are considering going on an F1 trip!

Combine Formula 1 with swimming and culture

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, just over a mile north of Barcelona, was completed in 1991. The same year, the Spanish Grand Prix was moved here, which had previously been run in Jerez and before that in Jarama. The winner in the first year was the British Nigel Mansell, who also won the following year. In 1992, the Olympic team time trial in cycling was also decided here.

Most successful on the track has been the German Michael Schumacher, who during his career won six times here, of which four times in a row between the years 2001 and 2004. This year's race was won by the Dutchman Max Verstappen, competing for the stable Red Bull-TAG Heuer.

As I said, the track offers very varied driving and contains no less than 16 different curves and chicanes with a total length of 4.67 km. In the third curve, the drivers are exposed to a force corresponding to a full 4 G. In the tough part between the eleventh and last curve, the drivers are forced down into the second gear before it is time to embark on a more than one kilometer long start-and-finish rake, on which it is possible to reach really high speeds. The track record is held by the Finn Kimi Räikkönen, who during his victory race in 2008 completed a lap of 1: 21.670.

If you are in Barcelona or the surrounding area during the month of May, you should definitely take the chance to see the Formula 1 race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. As the track takes in over 140,000 spectators, the race here is often pure folk festivals. In addition, the sound of runaway engines is something that must be experienced live. 

Usually, Barcelona also offers wonderful early summer weather in mid-May, which during a visit to the city even then gives great opportunities for swimming, beach walks and wonderful outdoor seating at lots of nice cafes and restaurants.

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Local City Tax:

As of 1 November 2012, a new city tax will be applied in Catalonia, Spain on tourist services. The new tax applies to all hotels in the community of Catalonia.
The amount for the tax varies as following:

Hotels in Barcelona:
1 or 2 or 3star hotels: 0.75 Euro
4 star hotels: 1.25 Euros
5 star hotels: 2.50 Euros

Hotels in rest of Catalonia:
1 or 2 or 3star hotels: 0.50 Euro
4 star hotels: 1.00 Euro
5 star hotels: 2.50 Euros

The tax is per person and day and will be applied for a maximum of 7 days and directly payable to the hotel. Does not apply for the ages up to 16.

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Barcelona F1

Formula One
Circuit de Catalunya - Barcelona

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