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The Championship, the British second tier, is clearly one of the more nerve-racking leagues to watch live. Making the football trip to any of the teams here will surely give you a different football experience compared to the Premier League. Why? Everything, and then we mean everything! Can happen during these football matches. We at GO Sport Travel help you with tickets or complete package tours to give you the chance to experience your dream match!


The Championship - Craven Cottage


We can all agree on the varying quality of the matches in this league. But for that matter, the match experience in The Championship need not be worse than a Premier League match. The tickets are many times slightly cheaper compared to the highest league and if you are a person who grew up with Tipsextra then the range of the classic teams is wide. Booking a football trip or ticket to this tough league is sure to give you an interesting experience.

Even though the clubs in The Championship usually have smaller stadiums, the atmosphere in many cases is usually better on the stands. Only that detail, combined with a lower price on the match ticket, makes the entrance fee well invested. The matches then?

No matter how uneven the game is predicted to be, there are never any guarantees in this league.

Are you there and standing with your match ticket in hand while your team leads 3-0 with 15 minutes left? Do not take out any victory in advance! Here the final score can be 3-4 and it is in this league that the referee shows up 5 red cards in the same match.

The rules for this league are simple. The two top teams in the table will be promoted to the Premier League while the three lowest ranked teams will be relegated to League One. To increase the excitement, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th best placed teams also have to play an endgame round. The winner in each round moves on to The Championship Play Off Final where a desirable place for the Premier League is at stake.

This final is always played at England's national arena, Wembley, where GO Sport Travel is the "Official Overseas Travel Agent of Club Wembley". This means that we can also arrange official match tickets here or the whole trip with flights, accommodation and tickets.

Have you already booked your package tour for a Premier League match? Then we think you should supplement the trip with a ticket to a Championship match if given the opportunity. Whether you just want to buy a match ticket or a complete football trip, we always look at your wishes to make your experience as unique as possible!

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Through our agreements, which in many cases are the largest on the market, we offer you 100% confidence when booking your ticket. Secure deliveries, selected seats and the opportunity for Hospitality always give you value for your money.

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