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Brentford FC

Griffin Park - London

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Brentford is located in west London where the rivers Thames and Brent meet. Here at home, Griffin Park plays Brentford FC. At this stadium, the team has been played since it was built in 1904, the stadium has a remarkable age and have had ongoing renovations and now has roofs over all sections, the capacity is about 12,700 people. The venue is something unique because in the past there was a pub in every corner, unfortunately not any more. They have now in the making of a new stadium and the goal is to play the first matches there season 2020-2021. 

Brentford FC - Griffin Park

Brentford FC - Griffin Park

Brentford FC was founded in 1889 after a rally between the two prestigious English colleges Oxford and Cambridge. They had the goal of expanding the rowing season with football or rugby to keep the rowers going all year round. After the voting, it was decided that the football was winner of the election and Brentford FC was started.

The most successful period for the club was during the 1930s, including victory of the First league in 1936. They are the only club that won all their home matches during a season. Brentford FC is one of the teams playing in West London. Hot derbies are played at their home venue Griffin Park. The hottest of them are those against Fulham, but also matches against the Queen Park Rangers qualify as major games. Of course you can be sure of your match tickets for these matches with us. The Bees as the team is called play now in the Championship and look forward to coming seasons with a new designed club weapon and new website.

Nickname The Bees was unintentionally adopted when a bunch of students from Borough Road College checked on his friend Joe Gettins who then played in Brentford and stopped "buck up Bs".

Most player in Brentford Ken Coote made 559 matches for the red white team between 1949-1964 and holds the club record. Take your chance and experience the mighty atmosphere of the place. With us at Go Sport Travel you get your official match tickets to be able to watch Brentford FC live. Take the opportunity to make a super weekend in London.

Ahead of the 20/21 season, the new Brentford Community Stadium arena is now ready as the club's new home, with room for about 17,000 spectators.

Experience Brentford FC live at Brentford Community Stadium

Why not choose a match at Brentford Community Stadium and, for example, one at the Emirates stadium. Combining your journey with a match in the Championship and one in the Premier League is something we at Go Sport Travel know will do your football trip to a somewhat extraordinary experience. Do not hesitate to contact us to sew together your dream trip, we tailor-make according to your wishes and hope that Brentford will be the little extra to your experience!

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