The city of Cologne is beautifully divided by the river Rhine. It is Germany's fourth largest city with just over 1 million inhabitants. Cologne is known for its strong trade and for the fact that a large number of television companies and book publishers have their operations in the city. Since then, the city has also given the name to the perfume type Eau-de-cologne!

Attractions in Cologne

If you want to talk about sights in Cologne, you must start with the mighty cathedral Kölner Doml, completed in 1880, it stands beautifully next to the river Rhine, with its two towers of 157 meters each. It is one of Germany's most famous buildings and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cologne is also known as the city of churches and during the Middle Ages it was the city with the most monasteries and churches.

Another building worth seeing is the town hall in Gothic style which is best known for having its beautiful mosaic and being decorated with 124 statues along its 5 floors.

The city is known for the creation of the perfume type Eau de Cologne and in Farina Hause, opposite the town hall, lived the former founder of the factory and today there is a perfume museum (Fragrance Museum).

A tip is to get to the port of Rheinaufen to visit the city's popular chocolate museum, a building with, among other things, a chocolate fountain, shop and its own greenhouse.

If you want to take part in nature, then unwind in the beautiful Rheinpark by the river, which is over 100 years old. There is also a cable car that can take one from one river bank to the other to get a nice view of Cologne and the river Rhine.

The food culture

Cologne has a population where a large proportion have an immigrant background, mainly immigrants from Italy and Turkey, this has also left its mark on the food culture. Zippiri Gourmetwerkstatt & Wyn-Bar is a renowned Michelin-starred restaurant offering Italian food at its best!

If you want to enjoy some Asian food, then go to Kaizen. Japanese sushi and more in a cozy Asian-inspired environment.

If you are still more set on the more classic German dishes, then go to Restaurant Gaststaette Bei Oma Kleinmann. Enjoy everything from the traditional schnitzel to a hearty bratwurst with mashed potatoes!

Football live at Rhine Energy Stadium!

At Rhine Energy Stadium you can watch 1. FC Köln play live! The city's pride is a classic German football club which, with its modern arena, usually offers good football and a fantastic atmosphere!

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