Athens is the largest city and capital of Greece. The city has about 4 million inhabitants and is located on the coast in the southern part of the country. Athens is an incredibly beautiful city with its location on the coast and with the mountains that surround the city.

Unfortunately, the city has a major problem with air pollution due to its special weather conditions, as hot air can´t rise normally but remains close to ground level. Apart from this, the city is an incredibly pleasant destination with long hot summers that offer beautiful weather almost the entire period May - September. The average temperature is then 32 degrees celsius.

Tourist attractions

There is an incredible amount to see and experience in Athens. The city with its long history has many monuments and old buildings to visit. A well-visited place is the shrine of Olympia. Here you can witness the mighty Temple of Zeus. The temple began to be built as early as the 5th century BC and is Greece's very first temple. Today, larger parts of the temple are in ruins and only 15 of the original 104 pillars stand upright, but it is still well worth a visit.

Perhaps the most preserved temple is the so-called Temple of Theseus. The temple is dedicated to the god Hephaestus and was founded in the 400s BC. The temples were used as a church until the middle of the 19th century and have therefore been preserved intact.

The ancient Olympic Games were also held in Olympia and even today the place is of great importance for the modern games. Here, the Olympic flame is lit and then begins its journey towards the host nation via a relay.


Greek cuisine is known all over the world and is of course characterized by the ingredients that the country has to offer. Olives, feta cheese and fresh vegetables make up a large part of the local cuisine and are found in most dishes.

There is a lot of grilling in Greece. Souvlaki is the common dish, which actually means barbecue skewers in Greek, and consist pieces of lamb, pork or chicken served with tomatoes, onion and tsatziki wrapped in bread. A similar dish is the classic Gyros. The difference is that the meat is cooked on large rotating skewers that is sliced off during cooking, like kebabs.

The gratin Moussaka is also a very popular dish from the Greek cuisine. Here, eggplant, minced lamb, onion and tomato are alternated and topped with a delicious bechamel sauce.

Travel here

Athens International Airport is located 33 km northeast of Athens city center. The easiest way to get from the airport is by bus or train / metro. There are six different airport bus lines between the airport and different parts of Athens.

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