Singapore, Asia's second smallest country (697.2 km²) is an island nation and city-state in Southeast Asia. Their seas border Malaysia in the north and Indonesia in the south. The country has a good economy and a high standard of living.

Singapore has a tropical climate and lacks seasons. The temperature during the day is on average 30 degrees and at night at 25 degrees, all year round. There is no direct rainy season here as in many others shared by Asia, but it rains often. Almost daily there will be showers, but most of the time they will pass quickly.

Tourist attractions in Singapore

Singapore consists of 63 islands, so in addition to the main island, there are a lot of small islands to explore. One of the most popular is Sentosa. Here you will find beautiful nature, magical white beaches and a rich entertainment life. On the island there is, among other things, a famous aquarium, a bird park, an insect museum and the Universal Studios movie park. You get to the island either via the bridge that goes from the main island or you choose the more breathtaking cable car ride. Nothing for those afraid of heights, as the cable car runs at a very high altitude and has glass floors!

Well worth a visit is the Botanical Garden on 1 Cluny Road, almost in the middle of the city. It is open from 05:00 to 00:00 all year round and has free admission. The park is divided into different areas with different themes.

One of Singapore's real prides is the Singapore Zoo. It is considered one of the best zoos in the world. Located about 30 minutes from the city. The park is divided into three parts, all with different orientations. The main park has over 300 species and has a fantastic landscape that makes the animals look like they are in their right environment. Night Safari, part of the park, is open from 19:30 until midnight. Here you will find about 130 different species of nocturnal animals. This is one of Singapore's most popular attractions. The third part, River Safari, is  focused on wildlife in rivers and streams.

The foodculture

Like many countries close to water, Singapore is a country where you eat a lot of seafood. If you want to try some of Singapore's classics, Chili crab and Fish head curry are our tips.

Sports to experience live!

The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the competitions in the Formula 1 World Cup and it is run like a city race. This is the first city race in Asia and the first race in F1 that is also run at night. The Singapore Grand Prix has been running since 2008.

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Singapore F1


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